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We’ve got a few things on the go in May for NS Craft Beer Week. Here’s an update!


TataLabels - Cerberus-01 copy

Big Spruce, Propeller, and Tatamagouche breweries did a triple collaboration and we’re debuting it a noon on Saturday, May 9. The beer, an IPA called “Cerberus” is described thusly by our pal and Big Spruce brewfeller (and birthday boy today) Jeremy White:

“Cerberus is the 3 headed hellhound of Organic American style India Pale Ales. It has been conspired by the brewers at the 3 Nova Scotian Craft Breweries producing Certified Organic Craft Beer: Big Spruce Brewing, Propeller Brewing and Tatamagouche Brewing. Abundantly bitter, and deeply aromatic, Cerberus combines late addition Centennial, Amarillo, Simcoe and Zythos hops in copious, lip smacking quantities for a balanced complexity that will have you craving more. Hasten your return. Cerberus is a single batch, limited release Conspiracy Series IPA, and Hell hath no fury like a hophead that misses out….”

On top of that beastly beer, we’ll be pouring exclusively beers by the three breweries that made this thing all afternoon. All promise to bring out their best one-offs and rarities and we’ll be rotating them all day. Tasty tastes, friends.


2) THE 2015 STILLWELL OPEN: Sunday, May 10 … read on for the list of participating breweries!

Considering the afternoon portion of this event sold out in a day and a half, I’m going to assume you already know about it!

BUT: did you know that the sold-out portion of the event is just the afternoon, and that there’s a SECOND SESSION, starting at 5 pm, that is open to the public?

It breaks down like this:

Session ONE: 1 pm – 5 pm, ticket holders c’mon in and for their ticket they receive some delectable BBQ treats from our kitchen, along with their first pour. Beers are served blind, and judging cards and wee golf pencils will be strewn about the bar. Judging will continue until the first beer is gone, or until 5 pm; whichever comes first. Once that happens, we begin eliminating/revealing beers every half-hour, until the winner is announced (if no kegs blow before 5 pm, we’ll start this at 6 pm and reveal the winner at midnight). For those who start at 1 pm, you may have to follow that action on Twitter from the comfort of your bed, or leave for a bit and come back.

Session TWO: 5 pm – Midnight, interested beer fans who did NOT get a ticket are encouraged to stop by at any time throughout the evening to get in on the action. The food menu will remain awesome (BBQ classics), and you’ll get to try some beers blind (and tell your friends which ones are good), and you’ll get to see the beers are they’re revealed (and the eventual winner). This should be fun, especially because you will have guessed what some breweries are correctly, and probably many incorrectly (this blind tasting stuff is hard).

So: Who’s in? What breweries are submitting RARE, ONE-OFF and/or DEBUT beers for The 2015 Stillwell Open?

  1. Boxing Rock
  2. Propeller
  3. North
  4. Tatamagouche
  5. Big Spruce
  6. Garrison
  7. Spindrift
  8. Good Robot
  9. The Gahan House
  10. Homebrewer Jason McDougall (brewed at Boxing Rock)
  11. Homebrewer Chris McDonald (brewed at Good Robot)
  12. Homebrewers Kyle McKenzie + Liam Sellers (brewed at Good Robot)

The beers will not appear in this order, of course, and alcohol by volume will be the only information provided!

What else? Our friend Geordan Moore of The Quarrelsome Yeti designed and hand screen-printed some beautiful posters for this event. We only have a few numbered editions, and they will be for sale at the event for $30. Very frame-able.


Hot off the press!



We’re not just putting on events for NS Craft Beer Week, we’re also attending them! You’ll catch many of us drinking at (at least) the Full House Craft Beer Fest at the Olympic Centre on May 16, and (before) the Discovery Centre Science of Beer May 14. And although it’s not officially part of “NS Craft Beer Week”, Bad Apple Brewhouse is doing a multi-day feature at Tom’s Little Havana that promises to offer that hoppy thing we all love. See y’all there!

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