Announcing: The 2015 Stillwell Open

The 2015 Stillwell Open!

Alright folks, this one should be hot.

In connection with the Craft Brewers Association of Nova Scotia‘s Craft Beer Week, we’re hosting a friendly little showdown we’re calling The Stillwell Open.

It goes like this: The best and brightest breweries from Nova Scotia will go head-to-head on our wall on Sunday, May 10. We provide the challenge—this year, it’s “Brew your best backyard BBQ beer”, an intentionally broad theme that should see a variety of styles on the wall—and Nova Scotia brewers who want to step up to the plate take their best stab at it. We’ll accept 12 breweries/brewers, and then, on the day, serve those beers blind (only numbers on the wall, no names) for one ticketed session where the drinking public gets to judge and vote. Doors then open to the public at 5 pm, voting continues, and then from 6 ’til midnight, we write eliminated beers up on the wall one at a time, every half-hour, until we write the final beer up, at midnight, which will have been chosen by you as the champion of the 2015 Stillwell Open!

(The real winner will be, of course, the beer drinker.)

This non-serious competition will encourage thoughtful beer tasting. As Budweiser would say, these beers will be fussed over! This is also an opportunity to get together with beer fans and brewers in one room and have a party. For breweries, it’ll be a good chance to have your beers evaluated, blind, by your drinking public.

In the kitchen Graeme Ruppel & his crew, true to theme, will be putting out a special menu of backyard BBQ classics all day (and you already know that will be good).

Head over to to get your tickets for the afternoon (first beer and first bite included in the ticket price), and/or stop in after 5 pm on Sunday, May 10, to try some amazing new beers!






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